David Arrants – Owner of Carefree Computing. David started with computers in the 80s, and continues to this day to understand the complexity of the Computer with Microsoft programs as well as security concerns of today involving the internet. Helping to mitigate threats that can disable your computer, Carefree Computing provides 24 hour monitoring of your computer system to ensure your office operates smoothly.

Anand Sharma – Server and Maintenance Manager – Anand brings to Carefree Computing his extensive Microsoft experience and knowledge. Trained at Microsoft, he offers clear cut and easy to understand solutions to your every day problems of managing your IT for your business.

Peter Smith – Service Technician – Peter brings to us over 20 years of experience as a field technician. His expertise is invaluable when it comes to the diagnosis of your computers, internet connection or data recovery.

Why we do what we do:

After experiencing companies that provided less than acceptable support, Carefree Computing Inc. was started in 1993 by David Arrants. He insists on the best solutions for the clients and demands excellence from our Vendors including Microsoft, ATT, Dell, Carefree Online Backup, Bit Defender, as well as from his staff. We maintain many companies spread throughout the USA via our Bomgar Encrypted server. It is the finest remote support appliance available in the world. Call us for a free demonstration at 866-377-6275

We look forward to assisting you with your project.

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Client Says

Carefree Computing has been unfailingly responsive to our needs. They've handled our network installation, hardware and software acquisitions, upgrades and maintenance, security system design and much more. I can not imagine life at the office without their support!...

Douglas Post
20 March 2013
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