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It is being widely understood that our browsing habits are being tracked. Recently several articles have appeared in online news that I monitor. I will share the information with you and give you the resources that you can apply to your computer.

First, a general cleaner for the computer can be found from They offer a free version that will manually remove data from your browser. This will remove ALL saved passwords, cookies, and junk files associated with browsing the internet.

For Google Chrome - Several extensions are available for you to use. 

Privacy Badger is designed by the Electronic Freedom Foundation, which I support. 

To view their website at the Electronic Freedom Foundation go to

To support them go to:

 Get Privacy Badger below.

 Get the extension here.

Also consider Stands Fair Ad Blocker This software will allow you to block Facebook Ads, email ads, and also choose a cause that you only see ads relating to your specific cause. 

While you are at the Chrome Webstore also consider Vanilla Cookie Manager to whitelist cookies.

Vanilla Cookie manager also removes unwanted cookies.

"Edit this Cookie" is also a good cookie manager. You can block cookies with this extension.

And lastly, "Forget Me" clears cookies and closes the browser. It deletes everything about a website. Cookies, History, LocalStorage, Session Storage - Everything!!!

Similar items are available for Firefox and Opera Browsers. Both are good and provide privacy for browsing the Internet.


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