Why you need our Managed Services for Servers:

With our Microsoft Certified Engineers we are able to diagnose, troubleshoot and recommend remediation to your servers issues quickly, efficiently and without troublesome downtime. Since your server(s) control your ability to keep your staff working efficiently and productively, it is a crucial part of your system. We do the work at night when your staff is sleeping so when you are ready to start your day, there are no interruptions to stop work. Are you having trouble with Group Policies or Domain Trusts, we are expert in all aspects of Windows from NT thru the current operating system of Windows Server 2016. We have Offsite backup services that keep multiple versions of each document created on your server so we can choose which file created on a specific date to restore.

We manage the health of the Domain to make sure that with multiple servers they are communicating correctly and all of them are synchronized with users and security. A vital part of your organizations ability to log into the correct server is also maintained. We run tests on the domain, check crucial event log details, monitor the health of your systems storage, and supply disaster recovery if your network goes down.

If you have SQL server installed, its important to monitor the backups to this sophisticated database manager. It is critical to have all of its security updates to make sure that it is secure in the event it is utilized from the internet to your intranet. If it is a private database, then its health and performance is critical to your functioning in a high performance environment.

Microsoft Exchange is even more vital to your organization. It is the route into your network from a growing number of email threats that can disable not only exchange, but your organizations users, it is critical that you maintain its updates as well as its configuration to make sure that you are not providing a gateway into your network that you are not aware of. Our engineers are able to see into its performance and recommend ways to secure it beyond average ways of remediation. Let us know if you are running this, because it may be time to change how your organization is setup. There are many cloud hosting services , including Microsoft, that can take this burden off of your organization as well as your vital internet connection. Experiencing a flood attack can disable not only your exchange server, but also your internet connection as well.

Managing and ensuring that your Disaster recovery is in place is Vital to the health of your business. Whether you are using redundant servers, Raid 6, Network Attached Storage devices, Offsite Backup, If your users cannot access their data, all of these are worthless in the quick recovery of your system, it it is not monitored and maintained thoroughly. While all these systems combined will allow you quick recovery of data, it is important to think of other ways to get users access to their data in the event of a complete server crash, lack of internet connection for email, a denial of service attack on your internet and email server. All of these need to be considered within your organization as you grow and expand your employees.

Questions you should ask yourself if you are running your own email server is:

How do I access my email if my internet is down.

  • Will email bounce if I don’t have a backup system in place ?
  • What happens to my network connection if my exchange server is attacked from outside ? Will my employees be able to continue to work ?
  • Is my firewall adequate to protect our organization in the event of an Internet Attack ?
  • How much is this costing me and is there a better way to have my organization configured to save money and downtime?
  • Do you use Terminal Server – Are you able to install programs and ensure that your users have a seamless connection into your network ?
  • What software do you use for Remote access ? Does it require a firewall open port?
  • Are you considering using Sharepoint ?
  • Are you troubled by printing errors on your network ?

Call us for a free evaluation of your network needs. 415-397-7444 in the SF Bay Area or 866-377-6275 outside of the area.

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Carefree Computing has been unfailingly responsive to our needs. They've handled our network installation, hardware and software acquisitions, upgrades and maintenance, security system design and much more. I can not imagine life at the office without their support!...

Douglas Post
20 March 2013

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