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Managed Desktop Services

Simply the BEST service for keeping Desktops and Laptops running optimally:

With over 50 years combined experience, Our Team of technicians understand your computer better than you could ever understand it. When you get infected with Malware, Trojans or Viruses, your computer will exhibit several unrelated symptoms that we are prepared to identify. With our Desktop managed services, your company runs efficiently and without downtime 99.99%. We have Remote support services for your Desktops and Laptops no matter where they are located. With our Secure and Encrypted Remote Desktop Services, your company data is safe from prying eyes. We own our Bomgar Remote Support server and its access is controlled so only our certified technicians get access, NOT the public. Our Bomgar support appliance is 1000% secure from hackers. 

Did you know that some Malware can turn OFF your system restore ? This is disastrous if the system files are modified beyond repair and the only recovery is a COMPLETE reinstallation of the Operating System. Use our Bit Defender Enterprise software to protect your desktop and laptop systems from Encryption and Trojan malware. We are also able to filter Specific Social Media sites so your employees don't wander during the work day, keeping your company in compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Did you also know that some malware infections can modify your ability to even edit your system registry ? If you don’t know what that is, its where the Malware resides in millions of lines of code, and to recover from that is the same a complete reinstallation of the Operating System.

So what do we do to ensure you don’t have this problem!

Carefree Computing Inc. has designed a 10 point check up of your system that we run once a month. We guarantee that you will NEVER have a problem with your machine once you are covered with our 10 Point  system. Our remote support services are invaluable to keep your company running smoothly.

We check your existing system as it is now, and insure that you are clean or we clean your computer as part of this service.

We make sure your restore points are functioning and that you have adequate harddrive space for these crucial system restore files.

We install removal systems to verify that you continue to run uninfected and free of Malware and Trojan viruses and monitor this 24/7/365 to ensure this does not happen again to your computers, laptops and servers.

Utilities that can analyze and speed up your harddrive are also included in this service. And All of this is done AT NIGHT when you are sleeping. So when you wake up your system is running optimally.

We also make sure that you have verified updates for programs that run content on the Internet that currently need constant attention to make sure you are not running "out-of-date" vulnerable versions of software.

We also check your current security system to see where there are holes that need to be plugged up from constantly evolving security threats circulating the Internet.

With threats constantly evolving, there is little chance you can keep up on these threats and their solutions. Let us do it for a fraction of the cost of other companies managed services.

Starting at as little as $65 dollars per computer when you have 5 or computers or more for this protection system. A minimum of 5 computers is required for this service.

For Single residential systems we offer this system for an hourly charge. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Client Says

Carefree Computing has been unfailingly responsive to our needs. They've handled our network installation, hardware and software acquisitions, upgrades and maintenance, security system design and much more. I can not imagine life at the office without their support!...

Douglas Post
20 March 2013

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